LoRa™ Temperature and Humidity Sensor with AKCP Wireless Tunnel™ Technology

Wireless Environmental Monitoring for Warehouses and Cold Storage

Monitoring the environmental conditions in your warehouse and cold storage is important. In some industries such as food handling and pharmaceuticals, it is required by regulatory legislation that a suitable temperature monitoring system and alarms be in place. Temperature excursions can cause damage to products that leads to decreased efficacy, health hazards, degraded shelf life and so on.

Humidity is also a factor to be considered. Certain products can be hygroscopic, absorbing moisture from the surrounding air. High relative humidity levels also lead to conditions ideal for fungal and mould growth.

AKCP provides a world-class wireless monitoring system, suitable for critical infrastructure, warehouses and cold chain industry. Using Semtech’s LoRa™ radio, AKCP has built on top of this a layer of proprietary technology called the Wireless Tunnel™. This makes for a reliable wireless monitoring solution, low power with long battery life. The sensor is dual temperature and humidity sensor in one device. Instant notifications when temperature excursions occur, graphing and data logging. Automatic reports are generated and e-mailed, alerts via SMS, SNMP and E-mail. Centralized monitoring of all your sensors from one user interface. There is no cloud service or recurring monthly fees required.

AKCP LoRa temperature and humidity sensor with Wireless Tunnel Technology.
Sensor Options
  • Battery-powered, with 10 years battery life
  • USB powered
  • USB powered with backup internal battery
  • Custom sensor cable length to position the sensor and antenna in the optimal position.

For more details visit www.akcp.com

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