AKCP Cold Storage monitoring solution saves the day in Iceland.

Íslensk Ameríska (Isam) located in Iceland is an importation and distribution company working with some of the worlds best-known brands. As part of their food distribution channel, they operate several large cold storage warehouse facilities. In addition, they have moved into food production. The company operates its own warehouses, factories and fleet of trucks.

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Isam recently expanded their cold storage with facilities to store 1,100 pallets. They recognized the need for a suitable remote monitoring system to ensure warehouse environmental conditions were maintained. They purchased AKCP LoRa Wireless Tunnel sensors and L-DCIM to test for their cold storage temperature monitoring requirement. During their testing, an incident happened in their facility and the AKCP Sensors were on hand to save the day! Below is the customer’s story.

I received the AKCP device two days ago and hardly had tested it. But yesterday it saved us!

We had an incident with 2 high voltage power transformers, each is 3x 4000A in size and it got soaked underneath with water. We lost power and had to shut down the factory from 12:30 to 22:30.  We have several freezers with baked products and coolers for storing product. We didn‘t have any loggers installed yet so we ran in the dark with our new AKCP wireless sensors, without any more test. We had to manually override the doors on the freezer, and squeeze ourself underneath the door then put the sensor on the wall, easily mounted using the supplied magnets.

Then we crossed our fingers if the probes would log everything in the power outage. Because we haven‘t tried that yet. When we got power again, we pulled the loggers out, so we could get communication to them, as they are blocked by walls. And surprisingly, we could retrieve all the data. WOW!!!!! So we are very happy, and we need to continue this work.

Jón Helgason

Íslensk Ameríska

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