Boeing Warehouse Temperature Sensor Monitoring

At the Boeing Avionics lab in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, recently tested a sensorProbe8 as a remote temperature monitoring device. Gifted by another Boeing facility. They were so impressed that a further purchase of AKCP devices was made.

Boeing must comply with the MIL-STD-1686 for ESD. The use of an environmental monitoring system satisfies the requirements on ESD. Compliance with this is required for working on military contracts.

The AKCP temperature and humidity sensors were installed at the Boeing Avionics Electronics Laboratory, the conformal coating room and warehouse. In each of these locations they aim to keep the temperature between 64.4 – 86°F and 30-50% humidity.

Single Port Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Boeing previously ad wall-mounted temperature sensor and display devices. It was the job of a staff member to regularly observe the readings, collect the data loggers and connect them with a PC to download the data. This labour-intensive procedure was wasteful of staff resources, as well as prone to manual errors.

The AKCP system provides remote temperature monitoring. Online access to the sensor data is through the sensorProbe web user interface. E-mail notifications alert when temperature values are outside of user-defined parameters. Boeing also provided access to the quality control team for checking at any time. Data is exported in a standard format such as CSV files and utilized with Boeings internal software.

The remote sensor monitoring system from AKCP has saved many man-hours of time and negated the headaches associated with data loss issues experienced with their previous system.

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