Scallog Warehouse Robotics

Scallog is a French robotics company, specialising in the technology of warehouse robotic shelving. This is known as goods to man robotics, where at the click of a button, robots will fetch shelving units containing the products and deliver them to the operator. This technology has been widely used in Amazon robotic warehouses.

Scallog has announced a new system called Flexytote. This is a shelving unit for its robot that is designed for multi-bin transfer within your warehouse.

Scallog Flexytote

The robots will collect 1,2 or 3 bins on different levels, and deliver them to the operators picking station. Once the order is complete the robot will return and remove the bins, transferring them to the packing area. This replaces the traditional use of conveyors and manual trolleys.

Scallog say the return on investment (ROI) for the robot is typically 18 months.

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