Trucking and Warehouse Companies Surge of hiring in June 2020

The US warehousing and logistics industry have shown growth despite the global COVID-19 Pandemic. Warehouse and storage industry added 60,500 jobs in June 2020. This was to meet the uptick in demand placed by online shopping during the Pandemic lockdown.

Trucking and Warehouse Companies Surge of hiring in June 2020

Trucking and logistics companies also added 8,100 between May and June 2020. This was the biggest increase in employment figures for the industry since September 2018.

Some of these new jobs are also signs of the rebound in the US economoy and manufacturing industries. many factories are in dire need of replenishing inventories that were depleted during lockdown, which has added the surge in demand for logistics services.

The global courier Fed-Ex say that 72% of its May shipments were going to private households, compared to only 56% for the same period last year. The average daily shipment volume coming from e-commerce channels through Fed-Ex logistics services saw a 25% increase when compared to the same period last year. It is expected this trend to continue for the rest of 2020. The Global Pandemic caused a shift in peoples shopping habits, making some comfortable with shopping online that previously had not. This coupled with a large proportion of the population still not feeling it is safe to venture out to malls and enclosed, highly trafficked areas.

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