Quickly Model your Warehouse in 3D

Warehouse Blueprint are a company offering a plugin for Sketchup that allows you to rapidly visualize your warehouse in 3D. Rather than relying only on 2D CAD drawings of your warehouse, a 3D model allows you to better plan and visualize your warehouse layout. Whether you are an existing warehouse operation who wish to remodel your layout, or a new build the software is a useful design tool.

The software is simple to use, with a drag and drop interface. It comes with pre defined racking and warehouse equipment models that can just be dropped into place.

rendered image from warehouse blueprints

Create “heat maps” of high volume goods and visualize paths used for picking and estimate time taken. You can compare as is, with as to be plans and layouts, to see if you are improving the efficiency of your warehouse space.

The generated 3D layouts can be utilized in AKCPro Server central monitoring software. Drill down to specific locations, view sensor data from security and environmental monitoring systems overlayed on the 3D model.

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