Using Robotics and AI in Warehouses to Train Employees

Warehouse AI vendor, 6 river systems, have created an automated robot known as “Chuck”. His job is to help you and your warehouse staff improve efficiency. Not only that, but he has also now been deployed as an instructor for new employees.

Chuck is an autonomous machine that is powered by a cloud based AI system. He works as a Robot to Human interface, a cart fitted with an array of sensors and a screen to relay instructions to employees.

Through his sensors, the AI system will begin to learn the layout of the warehouse, where items are stored and how to most efficiently get to them. The AI uses Googles Cloud-based AI service. Chuck can then guide employees around the facility teaching them where items are located, and what route is the quickest way there.

XPO Logistics have worked with 6 River Systems since 2017, and utilize Chuck in the daily work, and training of new employees. “Chuck can map a warehouse and learn the location of products in about 1 week, and then guide employees around the facilities”, said Steve Lewis, Vice President of XPO Logistics.

XPO Logistics Using Robotics and AI in Warehouses to Train Employees

Chuck has become a valuable team member at XPO Logistics, the employees find that the efficiencies and minimized walking due to his knowledge of the warehouse is beneficial. Once the items are selected and placed in the cart, Chuck moves them to the shipping area, allowing workers to continue their tasks in the warehouse.

In addition, during the COVID-19 pandemic, where social distancing measures have been introduced, Chuck acts as a yardstick for maintaining proper distance. Chuck’s sensors help him maintain a 4 foot distance between it and other objects, including people. So if an employee is following Chuck, they will by default be keeping at least an 8 foot distance between themselves and other people.

Robotics, AI and automation are the “in thing” for warehouses. There was already increased demand pre-COVID-19 for these Technologies as companies we having difficulties sourcing labour. The increased demand now post COVID-19 for online retails has pushed more demand on warehouses and logistics worldwide. This is further driving the investments from warehouse and logistics companies in automated technologies.

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