Water Leak Detection and Audit Methods

Water Leak Detection
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Water Leak Detection System: Why is it a Must?

A water leak detection system detects disasters in the making. When the system senses water activity, it shuts off the water supply to the entire warehouse or the system will close the valve connected to the leaking pipe.

Leak detection necessitates the use of advanced technology that allows regulators to pinpoint the exact location and magnitude of pipeline leaks. This is an area that strives to advance and evolve by integrating both existing technologies and new approaches. Leaks can be easily detected and fixed with careful maintenance of aging water pipes, resulting in fewer water outages and financial losses.

Essential Functions of Water Leak Detection System:

  1. It keeps track of water leaks and records them. Installed sensors and their water leakage status are recorded with high precision. Furthermore, it creates a visual representation of the magnitude of water leakage. 
  2. It locates the source of the water leak. Displays the location of a leak by evaluating the correlation data from several sensors automatically.
  3. It has an alert function. Meaning it indicates a precise high-risk water leakage detection and location. So, to direct necessary steps and actions.
  4. It safeguards the warehouse from the damaging consequences of water leaks. Regardless of where the pipes are located, this detection functions and has the means to locate the leak and fix it until it becomes a more serious issue. This way, it keeps the stored goods and other essential products safe.

Signs of Water Leakage

There are two forms of water leaks in your warehouse, both of which are harmful.

  1. The leaks that can be seen. Some leaks are easy to find. If the water bill has recently increased or there is visible water damage on the ceiling or sinks, the warehouse most likely has a plumbing problem that needs to be fixed.
  2. Unseen leaks. Even attentive regular leak tests will overlook leaks hidden behind walls or underneath the flooring surface. These secret leaks can lead to mold formation, putting your warehouse and the occupants at risk for health problems. This also poses a serious threat to the building’s foundation.

Consequences of Water Leak if not Detected

Water leaks can damage warehouses in a number of ways; the most significant of course is the damage to the structure itself. Water leaks on roofs may be seriously compromised as a result of torrential rainfall, as well as extreme weather such as snow. Water may cause ceiling materials to soften or rot which could lead them to collapse. This will only leave the interior of the warehouse wide open to the elements. Just another solid rainstorm to cause additional damage to the interior.

A minor leak is all it takes for water to gain access to the warehouse’s electrical system and HVAC system. This minor leak can wreak havoc on this system’s function and cause a partial breakdown. These scenarios can be easily avoided as well as the gigantic professional repair cost associated with it.

Structural is another matter because the highlight of the damage is with the stored goods inside the warehouse. A warehouse might be housing thousands of temperature-sensitive goods or perishables, a water leak or system breakdown is not really one of the best news for these warehouse administrators. Damages and losses might directly cause bankruptcy or a financial crisis for the facility owners.

This damage caused by a water leak has a greater impact on a company’s capability to continue its operation, especially if the damaged warehouse is the only storage they have.

Aside from the physical and financial losses, important files or documents could also be a fatality of a water leak damage. If the company did not make provisions to store these items or back them up offsite, considerable man hours may be lost trying to get everything properly organized again.

On the other hand, undetected water leaks can lead to mold build-up. Mold is a common by-product of water damage. Unchecked mold may actually become severe enough to warrant the condemnation and demolition of the warehouse.

Another level of extent in this water leak damage is the productivity in terms of normal work routines and staff’s availability. Warehouse employees may see schedules curtailed or canceled altogether, depending on how long it may take to rectify the damage.

Consequences of Water Leak if not Detected
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Significance of Water Leak Detection System

It’s undeniable that wherever you go, water is a vital part of every system. It might be used for different purposes, nevertheless, essential. But, pipes can be susceptible to leakage, which can result in severe consequences. Thus, it is important to have water leak detection systems to inspect, locate the water leak within the warehouse,

It is a common practice in some businesses or companies to have in-house personnel to handle this problem to save professional repair costs. But relying on a plumber is not enough to protect investments from water leaks that have tendency to break down walls and foundations. Installing a smart and reliable water leak detection system is what you need.

A water leak detection system can detect the problem in its earliest stage, or even before the leak can cause minimal damage to the warehouse or goods. It will send an alert to the administrators with details on the location and the severity level of the water leak.

AKCP Water Leak Detection

The traditional way of searching for leaks, detection experts use a range of techniques. They either use modern detector meters or drill through the walls or foundation to determine the damage. Drilling through walls may complete the task, but it also costs funds to replace the deteriorated structures and base afterward.

With AKCP Water Leak Detection Solution, all of this hassle is unnecessary. These can be in the form of sensors that detect leaks without causing any damage to the building’s physical structure.

Locate Rope Water Sensor
Locate Rope Water Sensor

Ideal for detecting water leaks in hard-to-see areas, such as under-raised floors and false ceilings. The Locate Rope Water sensor will give you a precise location of the water leak so you can respond promptly to protect your enterprise resources from water damage.

This sensor comes fully assembled and includes the rope portion that is the water sensing cable, the non-sensing cable (from the rope to the sensing module), and the main sensing module. The sensing cable can be pre-ordered from a 10-foot minimum to any custom run length (in multiples of 10 feet) of up to 160 feet. The non-sensing cable comes in a standard 20-foot run length.

Lay these rope water sensors out around or underneath the perimeter of the warehouse, or ceilings to give early warning of potential water leaks and avoid costly damage

The specific location of water along the rope can be used to trigger alerts like e-mail, SMS, phone calls, and SNMP traps. The sensor has its own SNMP OID so that it can be monitored over the network using any Network Management System.

Spot Water Sensor

The Spot Water Sensor is an advanced microprocessor-based design capable of detecting distilled water. Standard water detectors are unable to detect distilled water and water with other impurities due to them using a resistance-type circuit. These resistance types rely on electrolytes present in the water, therefore being unable to detect distilled water due to its high resistance.

Spot Water Sensor

The entire circuit is encased in epoxy giving it a waterproof finish and able to withstand being submerged in water for prolonged periods. It has an SNMP OID for monitoring across a network, and will therefore report its critical condition at any time before returning to its normal state.

Notifications can be sent to you via SNMP traps, or E-mail (sensorProbe base units), or using any of the wide range of alerts available on AKCP base units.

Advantages of Intelligent Water Leak Detection

  1. It saves uptime. For amateurs and others with little to no experience of going about it, tracing for the tiniest of leaks is quite a challenge. This is why, in some buildings, leaks can go unnoticed for years before the adverse effects on the structures become clear. Using modern equipment, water leak detection systems can detect leaks in any part of the building in real-time.
  2. It protects the house or building from further damage. The pace at which water leaks are detected and fixed by experts reduces the risk of warehouse owners losing their investments or incurring significant infrastructural repair costs due to being unaware of leaks until significant damage has occurred. Your property and stocks are protected from water damage if you use the right intelligent water leak detection sensors.
  3. It increases the reliability of the water supply. Water leak detection is critical for many purposes. One of the most important is to ensure a constant supply of water. The issue here is not about making sure there is enough water, though that is important. Many companies and industries need a continuous supply of water to run their operations. Furthermore, if the water supply and pressure were inadequate, emergency services such as the fire department may be seriously harmed.

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